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History of the Diodatics Weights and System

With over 100 years of combined weight training experience Father and Daughter create the "World's Most Revolutionary Weight Training System."



"To be strong in body, mind and spirit are the greatest gifts to work and pray for."

Joseph Michael Diodati

Inventor of the Diodatics Weights

Story Of The Diodatics Invention

Diodatics Weight Training system was created by Ann Marie, to continue the legacy of her father, Joseph Michael Diodati, the inventor of the Diodatics Weights. He was born in 1929 in Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada and grew up as a skinny teenager who desired to have muscles and strength. He went to his doctor for advice and was told he would always be skinny.

Joseph did not accept his doctors advice and started to read every book possible about bodybuilding. He got a group of friends together and began weight training. In a few years, he opened Diodati's Health Studio for men.

Over the next 50 years, he built the largest health club in Canada, opened the first weight training gym for women and invented and patented the Diodatics Weights. He taught thousands of people how to effectively and efficiently weight train for bodybuilding, weight loss, and overall good health. Joe was responsible for building up some of the strongest men in Canada. Diodati's Health Studio held the powerlifting championship for seven consecutive years and produced several Canadian Champions.

In 1979, Joe opened the first weight training club exclusively for women, in Canada. He trained his daughters, Linda and Ann Marie how to effectively teach women how to strengthen and sculpt their bodies. The members got amazing results!! The women not only sculpted and toned their bodies, they efficiently and effectively burned body fat from the weight training programs.

Joe proved that weight training was more effective for the body than doing strictly aerobics or cardio workouts. 

Joe suffered an amazing loss when his health club was destroyed by fire and the insurance company was refusing to pay his claim. It took Joe seven years to win the court case. Yet, within those seven years, Joe had a dream where he saw thousands of Diodatics in a large warehouse.

He knew it was a vision from God. He got up and got to work and made the prototype, won a patent and manufactured thousands of Diodatics. His daughter, Ann Marie, along with her daughter, Myra, and grandchildren are carry on his legacy and are teaching millions of people how to safely weight train using the God Given Diodatics Weights.

Ann Marie Diodati-Ybarreta, with 45 years of personal training experience, created the Diodatics Weight Training System, workouts designed for every body! 

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Joe Hosting A Body Building Contest

Joe And His Members In The 60's