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Here’s What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

Reviews From Valued Customers

Over the years, the Diodatics System has helped thousands of men and women become stronger leaner and healthier. Learn more about what they have to say regarding 

The Diodatics Revolutionary Weight Training System!!!


I highly recommend becoming a Diodatics Certified Instructor.  When I met Ann Marie in 2019, I had not participated in a any form of weight training in my life. I have learned many aspects on how to conduct a safe and effective Diodatics class and I am teaching several classes per week, which works perfect with my family's schedule. 

Ann Marie is an inspiring, life-long expert in fitness and weight training and I am so grateful that I was blessed to meet her

Dr. Michelle Wu, CPT, CGFI

I have seen amazing results using Diodatics!! Ann Marie makes it easy to follow and keeps me focused throughout the entire video. I have encouraged friends and family members with all different types of exercise experience to use Diodatics because of how effective it was for me!!

– Elisha Meek, Las Vegas, Nevada

Over the past half dozen years, I have had the pleasure of training in the Diodatics exercise program in Summerlin. It has helped me attain my health improvements goals for weight control and overall body strength. Another benefit has been the enjoyable friendships gained among the program's participants and trainers.

– Dee Berg, Class Member

I enjoy the intimacy of our class: there is no feeling of competitiveness like the gym. Everyone can do the exercises going at their own pace. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of the class is fantastic.

– Linda Morris, Class Member

I have used the Diodatics system since 2012 and have found it to be a great tool in my personal exercise program. I was completely out of shape when I started using the system, but I never felt discouraged. I love to exercise, but in the past, I have been too focused on quick results, which demands to push too hard and then losing the results as soon as you stop.

Ann Marie's approach to exercise is balanced and effective and has proven lasting results. It is easy to follow and yet it can tone the entire body. I am so happy to have found a system that I can use for life.

– Anna Vance, Las Vegas

I have been doing the Diodatics workout for the past 8 years and it has greatly increased my strength and flexibility. At 81 years old, I have never felt better!

– Hans Deiter, Class Member

Diodatics has been the perfect class to gain strength, become fit, and feels fabulous. It is ideal for any person, no matter what level they currently are.  I strongly recommend this class for anyone wanting to add weight bearing, combined with cardio to their physical routine.

– Judy D, Cochran, CRS (

Ann Marie, my Doctor is very pleased with my progress. Since I started exercising 3 times a week, my weight is down to 141lbs. (from a high of 170). And my sugar readings have improved to the point that I take only one Glucophage pill a day, instead of two. Best of all, I feel invigorated after my exercise class. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the Diodatics class actually improves my energy levels, instead of tiring me out.

– Paula Perez, Class Member

Ann Marie offers a unique exercise routine that works so well for our seniors. The weights are easy to handle and give them a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Her vibrant and infectious personality along with her selection of classic show tunes are also the reason they show up each week longing for more. Even during the shelter in place, Ann Marie found a way virtually to reach out to our older generation who truly believe if they don't use it, they will lose it. Her Diodatics routines are not just workouts but help strengthen the mind and the soul. We love seeing Ann Marie's cheerful smile each week as she also forms many one to one personal relationships with her senior students. We grade her class an A+ and would urge anyone to give it a try! 

Gigi Filosa

Engagement Director

Atria Park Assistant Living of Lafayette, 

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